A Year in Review… 26 Ways to Get Organized

A Year in Review… 26 Ways to Get Organized

Thanks for organizing 2015 with us!!

Let’s take a look back and see the SIMPLE 26 ways to get organized from 2015…


It’s SIMPLE – Let’s Get Started!

It’s the year to get organized. Come To Order can help! Throughout 2015, we’ll give you 26 ways to get organized to motivate you to successfully organize!


Spending Time Organizing Today = Save Time Later

How do I save time? The only way we can find more time is by managing the time we have. Spending time organizing today will save you time later.


Achieving Your Goals: Make Your To-Dos To-Dones

26 Reasons to Get Organized: Able to Achieve Goals. Come To Order shares writer Rachael Phillips suggestions to make your goals reachable.


Having Goals and Making Ways to Get Organized

26 Reasons to Get Organized: Able to Achieve Goals. A printable tool to help your goals reachable. Free checklist for goal setting from Come To Order.


How do I spend money and save money at the same time?

How do I spend money and save money at the same time? Come To Order can help you organize your priorities, need, purpose for spending and saving.


Change is Springing Up at Home:  Declutter and Lower Stress

Change is Springing up at home. We can help you declutter & lower stress without another season to passing you by. Bring change & simplicity to life!


Personal Growth:  Organizing from the Inside-Out

By creating new habits, you can beat the balancing act of maintaining and regaining balance in your life and find personal growth & peace.


26 Reasons to Get Organized:  Improved Health

Creating balance in life is like organizing. Improving health like lowering stress, eating healthy and making time for exercise is a continual process.


Organizing a Flexible Life

Sometimes we need encouragement or guidance on organizing a flexible life. Stepfanie Romine from The Flexible Kitchen shares four tips with Come To Order.


Get Back Your UMPH!

26 reasons to get organized from Come To Order. Tips for everyday shortcuts, freeing up time and getting some umph back in your step!


Lights, Camera… It’s Make-Up Organizing in Action!

Make-up organizing in action with Come To Order. Improve your daily beauty routine with these tips.


Family Management:  Learning to Tweak Your Week    

Learning to organize a family management plan can be overwhelming. But it being organized enhances and improves relationships. Let us help.


Shake Things Up with Maria Garcia

Maria Garcia shares 3 ways to clear the clutter & take back possession of your space and shake things up with Come To Order.


Freedom from Chaos

Come To Order and designer Christopher Thomas give tips to see what we need and what causes chaos… and how to find freedom from our clutter and chaos.


Making More Space in Your Place

There are many reasons to get organized, but what if you don’t even know where to start to make more space in your place? Let Come To Order help!


What do I do first?

What do I do first to get organized? Come To Order shares tips to simplify life, become productive & avoid being overwhelmed. Let’s start getting organized.


I Can’t Manage It All Anymore!

Have you said, “I can’t manage it all any more!” Here are suggestions to help simplify your life and get you on your way to managing an organized life.


What is stopping me from getting organized?

What’s stopping me from getting organized? Take a moment in October to gain a new perspective and refocus your energy on what’s really important to you.


I’m Just OVER Not Being Organized!

I’m Just OVER Not Being Organized! Although we do often hold ourselves back from achieving an organized life, it is important to trust ourselves.


Get Positive

Getting organized isn’t just about being motivated, developing a system, prioritizing or being productive – it’s about being positive! Come To Order


How do I find shortcuts to free up my time?

Let Come To Order help you organize your schedule and your obligations to find shortcuts to free up your time and have better time management.


The Cost of Clutter

Living with daily clutter & chaos contributes to our stress levels, weight gain & financial debt – we pay the cost of clutter! Here are some stats…


Taking Down the “Clutter Blocks”

To help you build a simple life, let Come To Order give you some guidelines to help you live “less is more” and clean up the clutter blocks in your life.


Using a Simple Schedule Management Plan to Stay Organized

How do you find more time in the day & use schedule management? Linda Clevenger, of Organization Direct, shares how to managing your time & stay organized.


Organized & Topped with a Bow

If getting organized isn’t just about being motivated, developing a system, prioritized or being productive, than what is the key to getting organized?


Beating the Hustle & Bustle of Christmas 

It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Kathi Lipp helps us find some reasons to make sure our relationships don’t get cluttered.


A special “THANK YOU” to all of our guest bloggers!

We are looking forward to organizing 2016 with you!

If we can assist you, please contact us!

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