Change: Clutter or Simplicity – You Decide!

Change AheadChange…To the optimist, every new season is an invitation for success.

Optimists might see new opportunities in change, but that doesn’t mean making changes in your life is easy. In fact, for most of us, it’s downright difficult!

Usually, we know instinctively when it is important to make a change, but the first step forward can be scary. It’s a step out of our comfort zone, away from things that have made us feel safe in the past. And sometimes, it means admitting the way we used to do things isn’t the best approach anymore.

Change also means getting out of old habits (and we all know what they say about old habits!). When we get accustomed to the same routine, the same action, the same responses to events and situations, it’s hard approach life with a new perspective and a new plan. But the good news is, it’s possible!

When you know it’s time to change but haven’t quite figured out how to overcome the mental barriers that have kept you from acting, start by thinking about what it will be like once the change is made. When you finally get through the discomfort and fully adapt to the change, how wonderful will life be? What are the good things that will come from the change? What are you most looking forward to? By looking at the potential results, you can find the motivation you need to overcome the fear and take that first step.

March is a great time to take that step. We usher in a new season that reminds of us new life and fresh beginnings. We gain more hours of daylight, and, at least for those of us in the colder climates, we see warm light and green grass at the end of the cold and snowy tunnel.

Consider tackling a garage organizing project this month. The clutter in your garage is, after all, just a representation of indecision, or put another way, a change you weren’t willing to make at the time. Hey, it happens! Sometimes we’re just too busy to invest the time and energy into making the necessary changes. Our brains are usually on overload anyway, preventing us from seeing the logical choices that will bring about positive changes in our lives. But every now and then, you have to slow down, rid your brain of the clutter, and resolve to make changes.

Think about the new flowers and veggies your will grow in your garden. Imagine your kids’ enjoyment as they ride their bikes, shoot hoops in the driveway, or play catch in the yard. Visualize your vehicle safe and sound inside when that spring thunderstorm rolls through. Now consider how much easier those things are when you have an organized garage. No more hours spent searching and digging through piles to find your tools and toys. No more mad rushes to shove piles to the side so your vehicle just barely fits when the wind and hail threaten.

Will you have to let go of some things? Probably. Will you have to change your storage habits and convince your family to change, too? Certainly. Will this be difficult? Most likely. But once you get into the habits and see the rewards of your hard work, it will be worth it!

What change have you been thinking about making? How will your life be better after you make that change? Share your ideas with us by commenting below. We’d love to offer you the support and encouragement you need to live a simpler, more organized life.

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