CTO Recommends Free Printable Travel Games!

June is one of the most popular months for family summer vacations. While fun, we all know that the travel time involved to reaching your destination can be tortuous for parents with a backseat full of bored kids.

Momsminivan.com offers the perfect solution! You’ll discover free printable games like tic-tac-toe, a travel scavenger hunt, lines and dots, Battleship, car bingo, and more. There’s a great variety that will interest young and old alike, and there’s no special game markers or pieces to lose. These are games adults will enjoy, too.

Print several copies to last your entire trip, or insert them in quart or gallon sized zipper storage bags and use dry erase markers to play. When the game is over, simply wipe the bag clean and you’re ready for a new round.

Avoid the “are we there yet” questions and give your kids something to do besides fight over space in the back seat! Try these printable travel games and enjoy every minute of your family vacation!

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