Shelf Dividers Keep Piles Organized

Acrylic Shelf Divider
Piling items on shelves isn’t always the neatest organizing strategy, but these Acrylic Shelf Dividers eliminate that worry! These dividers will keep stacks of clothing, towels, books, and more from falling over and becoming a crumpled mess. This particular design is perfect for solid closet shelves, as well as book shelves.

Designed to be used like book ends, these dividers provide a clean look and help bring order to the clutter in any closet or book case. Simply clip them on to a wood or any solid material shelf up to 3/4 of an inch thick. They also have a foam rubber tab to keep them firmly in place on any solid shelf. They’re available in clear or green tinted acrylic and provide an attractive solution for organizing shirts sweaters pocket books and more.

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