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Managing Paper


Feb 2016

Managing Paper

It comes from everywhere – junk mail, magazines, coupons, kid’s school papers, bills, etc. Then there is the issue of keeping papers that really could/should be tossed or shred. Here are some questions some of our readers had about how to handle stacks of paper and implement a system to keep paper from piling up again.


Jul 2012

A File System to Envy!!!

I am getting excited for my next “File It! Don’t Pile It” class on July 10. I have discovered this great new product I can’t wait to share with everyone. Filertek Filing Systems just introduced dry erase hanging file tabs. This product is easy to use, versatile and affordable. Check it out…all you do is flip the clear cover open and write directly onto the...

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Oct 2011

CTO Recommends Indenti-Labels

Stick it. Change it. Reuse it. That’s the motto behind Identa-Labels, a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly label holder that makes it easy to identify mark and identify the contents of any container. These holders stick to all types of materials without leaving a sticky residue, and they work in hot, cold, and humid conditions. Perfect for attic organizing! You can make your own labels with just a marker,...

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