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Jun 2012

Summer Organization Project: The Hall Closet

The hall closet is like a “junk drawer” for your coats and luggage and outdoor items and…the list goes on and on. This is one space that I eventually get to, but one that is a source of frustration and stress. So often, I find these spaces to be odd shaped, small, and lacking in storage options, other than a bar for hanging coats. The...

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Mar 2012

CTO Recommends Talus High Road Car Hooks

So simple but so convenient! These Talus High Road Car Hooks help you hang items from your seat, which prevents them from ending up on the floor. Great for grocery sacks, clothing, purses, diaper bags, and more! No more worries about contents spilling all over the floor.


Apr 2011

CTO Recommends the Standard Workbench Kit

The Standard Workbench Kit is a peg board, only better, stronger and longer lasting! This unique storage system offers over 10.5 square feet of storage space and assorted shelving options, hooks, and brackets. You’ll get the superior, easy access storage you need for a safe and efficient workspace.