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The Sport of Bedtime


Sep 2015

The Sport of Bedtime

As it comes to routines, time management and seasonal changes, there are several tips that Dr. Foster Cline, M.D. and Jim Fay give for managing involvement in sports in the book Parenting Teens with Love & Logic:  Preparing Adolescents for Responsible Adulthood: “Guard against parental over-involvement” Whether you’re fighting against the clock in the morning or on the bleachers at your daughter’s basketball game, make...

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Family Management:  Learning to Tweak Your Week


Jun 2015

Family Management: Learning to Tweak Your Week

If you read our last 26 Reasons to Get Organized blog post, Get Back Your UMPH, we suggested ways to find more free time.  Life is so full of tasks, deadlines and keeping up, we aren’t able to find “free time” often enough. The number one way to find more time is… to turn off the TV!  Not giving up TV all together, but making...

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May 2012

Summertime Brings Freedom, But Lacks Routine

School is almost out for the summer and with it comes freedom…and lack of routine. This is one of the biggest organizing dilemmas that parents face over the summer, and this is why your kids are complaining by August, “I’m bored”. Whether they are willing to admit it or not, kids like structure. They like knowing what comes next and what to expect and unfortunately,...

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Aug 2011

Are you ready for school?

This summer has flown by and it is hard to believe that the beginning of school is almost upon us. While this time of year can be quite stressful, what with the mounds of paper that will begin to pour onto your kitchen counter and the busy schedule that will soon replace the laid back days of the summer, it does not have to be....

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