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Jun 2014

Remember…. You are on vacation!

Whether you are planning a family vacation or a romantic get-a-way, having the comforts of home in spite of where you go or what you do makes your vacation a memorable experience.  And, whether you enjoy traveling in luxury or enjoy “roughing it”, a little planning goes a long way for the time that you are away from home. PLAN & PACK First, decide what...

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Jun 2014

Traveling with Eagle Creek

You will be able to relax and enjoy your trip so much more when you use these lightweight packing organizers. The pack-it starter set will help you organize and compress the contents of your travel bag… everything you need is right where you want it.  Visit the Come To Order Amazon store to order your pack today!!  SIGN UP Sign up for the Come To...

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Nov 2013

Traveling During the Holidays

Whether you are traveling by car, plane or train, everyone dreads the infamous holiday commute. So how do you avoid hearing the seemingly inevitable repeat chorus of “Are we there yet?” Have a plan for your upcoming trip, be organized and remember to make the best of it. Book all travel plans well in advance. This includes the big picture items such as flights, car...

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Dec 2012

Travelers Will Love the AViiQ Portable Charging Station

Plug, Charge, Go. The AViiQ Portable Charging Station with Sync Cable (Grey Nylon) is designed to organize cables and provide power to charge your multiple mobile devices when you’re on the go. Clear the clutter! With the four pockets that are specially shared to fit up to four USB cables, your cords won’t get tangled or lost. Managing your chargers is simple, easy, and convenient!...

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Jun 2012

CTO Recommends Audiobooks for Family Travels

Make the miles fly by with books on tape, CD, or on your MP3 player. Kids love to have stories read to them, so listening to books is a great way to pass the time.  Some audiobooks for kids include the “real” book so kids can follow along and look at the pictures. Your toddlers will enjoy fairy tales or other familiar stories. You can...

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Mar 2012

CTO Recommends the Tuffo Family Car Organizer

The Tuffo Family Car Organizer will help keep your vehicle very well organized! It features lots of pockets so small items don’t get lost and kids can easily find what they need. You can also use the adjustable, removable dividers to create a space sized to the items you’d like to store. The lid doubles as an activity tray so kids have a place to...

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Aug 2011

CTO Recommends the Smead Travel Organizer

More than just a travel organizer, the Smead organizer is a unique 3-tab folder keeps all of your important papers in one convenient place. Great for organizing school notes, schedules, calendars, permission slips, and more. Also ideal for students who need an easy system to collect and organize resources for a term paper or research project.