Organizing a Flexible Life

Organizing a Flexible Life

If you are not organized, being flexible is probably a great skill to have – stepping over papers, jumping over laundry.  But, we are not talking about being physically flexible – although, there are advantages to that too.

Life is about living and being organized helps you live life with less chaos.  Apply these same ideas shared by blogger Stepfanie Romine to your home and you will find peace in both places…

Why do you want to get organized? One reason will reignite with you.

Understand that much of life is beyond your control.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, life doesn’t go as planned. You leave work with plenty of time to make it to yoga, and traffic causes you to miss class. You can’t control the traffic, but you can control your reaction. How many times have you had something like this happen, only to get angry, abandon your plans and let emotions cloud your judgment? You head home and reach for ice cream instead of finding an alternate workout. I’ve been there. When things happen you can’t control…

Focus on what you can control.

I was just discussing this with a client the other day. She’s working on set for a couple of weeks, which means long hours and catered food. She won’t know when she’ll get to eat, and she’ll be at the mercy of others’ schedules. Instead of dwelling on those aspects, she chose to focus on the things she can control. She’s packing healthy snacks, loading up on protein and fiber at breakfast (to keep hunger at bay and provide plenty of satiety) and will do restorative yoga each night to counteract all the hours on her feet. This is an aspect of life I struggled with for a long time; Sam and his problem-solving engineer’s brain helped me learn to assess each situation with an eye on the solution, not the problem.

Set yourself up for success, not failure. 

I set a goal of running three times a week in February. However, I currently don’t have a gym membership, and it was far too icy for me to safely get out this week. Instead of berating myself for not getting out for my cardio, I adjusted my goals for the week. When you know you have major work deadlines, a family visit or something else that’s out of the ordinary, it’s perfectly fine to scale back your goals for the week. That doesn’t give you carte blanche to chow down on pizza and ice cream day in and day out, but it does allow you to find some balance. If you can’t exercise as much as you’d like, for whatever reason, focus on your food choices. If you’re unable to control your food selections (such as work travel, family visits, etc.), fit in more movement. Remember: You’re looking for progress, not perfection. There’s a reason why that mantra is so popular in the health and wellness world. It works.

Find balance as soon as you can.

My dear friend Beth Donovan, who has lost nearly 200 pounds, likes to say “a lapse is not a relapse.” That is, if you make one choice that’s not so healthy, that doesn’t undo all the other healthy choices you’ve made. And making that one choice doesn’t mean that you have to make another unhealthy choice. When you’re back home, when the snow melts or when the work is done, get back to your plan ASAP. Find your balance.

Be nice to yourself. This is one of my favorite tips, and it fits just about any situation. Cut yourself some slack. Use kind words. Love yourself more. A shift in your life’s balance is a challenge, and it’s one that calls for compassion.

Steps & Image shared with permission by:  Stepfanie Romine from The Flexible Ktichen

26 Reasons - Why do you want to get organized? Maybe one of these reasons will reignite with you.

Kathy Jenkins is a nationally recognized certified organizer, speaker and writer.  She is the founder of Come To Order and is dedicated to helping her clients simplify their lives by reducing clutter, organizing their homes and offices, and managing their time. For more tips on organizing your schedule, life and home, follow Kathy on Twitter.

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