A Come To Order Closet Makeover

Before 1- Closet-rsClosets are notorious for being “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” storage spaces, but if you really want it off your mind, then why are you even keeping it?

In a recent closet makeover by Come To Order, we met this challenge head on. Here’s what we did to reorganize and reinvent our client’s closet space:

  1. Sorted all the clothes. This is a must for any closet reorganizing project. We then donated those that didn’t fit or wouldn’t be worn again.
  2. Installed shelves. We determined that our client is visual, so shelves will work better than hiding clothes in dresser drawers.
  3. Organized clothing by season. Warm weather and cold weather clothes can be moved to more prominent areas as the seasons change.
  4. Moved the dresser in the closet.
  5. Labeled shelves and dresser. Labels are essential to maintaining any new organizing system, so once we found a home for everything, we ended with labeling. Our client will always know where to put things, as well as where to find them.

After 1 - Closet-rsThis particular project took 3 hours with two organizers, including shelf installation. What a difference!

For more photos, visit our Closet Before and After Album on our Facebook page.

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