A Garage Makeover the Easy Way!

While the main function of a garage is to park and protect your vehicles, you probably also use the garage for storage. There seems to be an unlimited number of things to store here: lawn care equipment, handyman tools, gardening tools, sports gear, bikes, pet supplies, seasonal decorations, and more. With this combination, a garage can easily get cluttered and disorganized. Over time, you may find there’s no more room for your car!

Garage Makeover After

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Thankfully, there are easy and inexpensive ways to tackle a garage makeover so you can not only have room to store your stuff, but you can also find it when it’s time to use it. Perhaps the first step is deciding what you need to store in your garage and what can go elsewhere, maybe in the basement or attic. Then organize all of your items into categories so you know how much space you need to store the items. Consider any permanent cabinets and shelves you might already have installed to maximize the use of space and purpose.

There are many garage organizing systems available in stores today, but if you’re looking for something simple, adaptable, and inexpensive, all you really need are sheets of plywood and a variety of shelves, hooks, baskets, brackets, and hangers. Quick tip: Wire shelving and baskets are great for garages because they don’t collect as much dust and dirt! To see how this all fits together, check out this article from The Family Handyman. For a bigger investment, we recommend the Gladiator Garage Works storage system.

When designing your storage system, focus on one category and one space at a time. Here are a few tips:

Kids stuff – You want this storage area to be easily accessible to your kids. Shelves with various sizes of baskets or different sized totes work great. Keeping items contained helps with organization and prevents things from falling on the floor. Don’t forget to label so kids can quickly return toys to the right spot. Use hooks and hangers for things like bike helmets and kites. If items are seasonal, like pool toys, store them on a higher shelf to make room for winter toys, like sleds.

Sports equipment – Think containers and hooks for this area. Bins and small totes or baskets will organize balls, gloves, Frisbees, and such. Hang baseball bats, hockey sticks, tennis rackets, helmets, kites, and even bikes. For golf clubs, use a hook positioned just high enough to keep the bag upright while it’s sitting on the floor. If shelf space is limited, rotate items according to the active sports season. If bikes are problem, consider a free standing bike rack.

Gardening & yard – Here’s where a pegboard and different sizes of hooks will come in handy. You can quickly hang small gardening tools and equipment. Shelves will work better for larger bags of seed, fertilizer, spray bottles of weed and bug killer, and extra pots or planters. If you have kids, keep the chemicals stored on the highest shelves to keep them out of reach. Wheelbarrows take up a lot of space on the floor, but you can also hang them from the wall, too.

Hardware – Every household needs some tools, so designate a place in your garage for tools and hardware. Bins and tackle boxes or tool boxes help contain small items and make it easy to locate what need quickly. If you need a work bench once in a while, consider one that folds down against the wall so its accessible when you need it, but out of the way when you don’t. Hang ladders on the wall or from the ceiling with heavy duty hooks, and do the same with brooms and shovels, too.

Painting & decorating – Since these items may not be used everyday, you can store them in a less accessible area if needed. Store paint in the original can when possible, and make sure the seal is air tight. Be sure to write a date on the can, too, because paint does spoil, especially if it’s latex-based. You also have to protect paint against freezing, so an unheated garage might not be the best place. Remember, too that some solvent paints and stains are combustible, so don’t store them near any heat sources.

Your garage is most certainly a multi-use building, so to get the maximum use and enjoyment from it, it’s really important to keep it organized! With these tips, you can makeover your garage easily and with minimal investment. For more help, check out 5 Steps to an Organized Garage or contact Kathy at Come To Order and take advantage of our special offer, 10% off our garage organizing services in April. We can transform your garage, just like we did for this client!

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