A year ago on the Come To Order blog…

A year ago on the Come To Order blog…

How to have an organized linen closet…

How do you use your linen closet?  Is it overflowing with blankets and pillows that you don’t really use? Are there sheets and towels from 20 years ago? When you open the door do toiletries fall with a dead thud on the floor in front of you? You are not alone, but we have some great advice to help you get that small, yet important space organized!

Storing Bed Sheets

You know that great look of sheets as they come out of the packaging for the first time. They come out so perfectly folded and stack so neatly on the linen closet shelf. There is an art to folding sheets and it might seem really challenging, but here is the video that I used when I wanted to learn how to fold them like a pro.

Managing your family… keep it simple!

Although school takes up most the day and then afternoons and evenings are spent at extracurricular activities, from sports to music to dance, and more, when your children are at home they are probably busy with homework or maybe spending some much deserved free time with friends.

Communication, Calendars & Checklists

School in Richmond, VA starts the day after Labor Day.  So, August is the perfect time to begin preparing for the next nine months of homework, carpools, afterschool activities and keeping track of it all.  Whether you have a son or daughter going to school for the first time or returning for another year, taking responsibility to be organized and prepared will make the school year run much smoother!!

Organizing Your Student to Success

In this issue of Organize! Kathy Jenkins recognizes that although organizing doesn’t come automatically to kids, it is obtainable and needs to become a critical role in everyday life.  She said, “Just because a child is old enough to understand calculus, if they’ve never been taught the fundamental concepts, they’re not going to be able to do the work.  Organizing is the same sort of thing.”

Easing Your Kids Back into the School Year

Lazy summer days will be gone before we know it and the routine of a new school year will quickly be setting in!  As parents, we always want to make transitions from one thing to another as easy for our children as we can.  And, the end of an unstructured summer transitioning back into the demanding routines and pressures of school is no exception.

Back-To-School Help with Professional Organizers

Preparing for a new school year is not always as easy as 1, 2, 3!  Getting ready to go back to school in the fall takes a lot of planning and organization!  Success during the school year often depends on how well students (and parents) organize time, schoolwork, activities, chores and hobbies.

Using Organization for Better Family Relationships

Kathy Jenkins joins Paige Trevor for this article published on Washington Parent {dot} com.

Parents tend to see most aspects of child rearing as a matter of getting our words right. In order to teach our kids how to do everything from dressing themselves to packing their backpacks to cleaning their rooms, we talk: we explain, direct, coax and remind. When none of that works, we try again, thinking that if we can just say the right words our children will listen.


Kathy Jenkins is the President of Come To Order, a residential professional organizing company in Richmond, VA.  As a Certified Professional Organizer®, Certified Family Manager® Coach, Love & Logic Parenting® Facilitator/Coach and Student Organizer, Kathy especially enjoys working with kids and their families to help them learn good organizational skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.  To learn more about Love & Logic Parenting, follow Kathy on Facebook.

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