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Kathy Jenkins

Certified Professional Organizer, CPO®

Even as a little girl who shared a room with her sister, you could tell which side of the room was mine. Everything had its place and it was in it! It is still that way today.  Those skills have proven useful throughout my life; first in college then in Corporate America and now as a mother of two very active boys. Everyone is given a gift in life and mine is organization. I truly feel that it is my calling to share that gift with those who need it. You may be a fantastic writer or artist, you may be a great leader or perhaps your gifting is in motherhood. Whatever it is you should celebrate it and be proud of your accomplishments. But if you find that it is not in organization, and that the clutter in your life is keeping you from being your best, then you should get help. And that is where I come in… As a Certified Professional Organizer®, Certified Family Manager® Coach and Love & Logic® Parenting Facilitator/Coach, Kathy is able to help families simplify and come to order in every aspect of their lives, not just with their stuff! Based in the Richmond, VA area she provides hands-on organizing help, workshops, seminars and coaching services in the following areas:

  • Residential and Home-based Businesses Professional Organizing
  • Student Organizing including school, home, backpack, binder, locker, time management, planner/calendar use and effective study habits based on learning and thinking style
  • Family Manager® Coaching including home and property, food, family and friends, finances, special events, time and scheduling, and self-management
  • Becoming a Love and Logic  Parent® Workshop Facilitator & Coaching

Kathy is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), NAPO Golden Circle, NAPO Education Committee, The Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD, formerly NSGCD), and Faithful Organizers. She is also serves as the Leader of the NAPO Student Organizing Special Interest Group. She is proud to be counted as one of the creators of the NAPO in the Schools Elementary Program. As a single mother of two school aged boys she meets with the challenges of staying organized every day. It is because of this personal perspective that she is able to relate to her clients, workshop and seminar attendees and help them achieve the level of organization, family management and parenting that they desire. As a member of NAPO and ICD, you can rest assured that I have a comprehensive confidentiality policy and adhere to a strong Code of Ethics.

Kathy Jenkins, Certified Professional Organizer