Audible 12-inch Time Timer

TimeTimerMake every moment count with the Audible 12-inch Time Timer! This is a fantastic way to teach kids at all ages and ability levels about the concept of time. The graphic clock face gives the child a visual understand of time elapsing. As the bright red disk disappears, everyone can see how much time is left. When the red section disappears, time is up.

This large timer is ideal for use in the classroom when dealing with transitions. You can also turn on the optional beeps for an audible reminder. It runs on battery operated quartz movement and can be free standing or hung on a wall. Also available in a smaller, 8-inch version.

Use it everywhere!

At home:

  • Keep kids on task
  • Show when it’s time for snack, play, or bed
  • Time “time-outs”
  • Beat procrastination
  • Set goals for organizing or cleaning

At school:

  • Teach the concept of time
  • Monitor timed-tests
  • Give students the tools to manage their own time
  • Manage studying, chores, and play

For special needs:

  • Encourage visual learning
  • Structure activities in blocks of time
  • Help autistic kids visual time
  • Allow caregivers to manage routine

At work:

  • Stay focused
  • Manage meetings
  • Time presentations
  • Improve productivity and accountability

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