How do I break the habit of piled up papers?

How do I break the habit of piled up papers?

Last week, we answered a reader question about decluttering paper pile-ups and creating a filing system. Before getting started organizing your personal system, here are a couple of our favorite products that will be important to breaking the bad habit of not filing:


71LP3RD1k2L._SL1212_ When going through papers, you will come across due dates for bills, kids’ projects, doctor appointments, etc. Be sure to keep a Wall Calendar close by to stay organized and keep your personal planning in check. A family planner is perfect for keeping up with each member of your family with space trackers and extra space for additional reminders. Check it out!


One key to organizing papers is having a quickly accessible container designed to hold paper. If you can further organize by category, all the better! Desktop file boxes are the answer. They are small, portable, and will hold just enough hanging folders so you can keep track of the most important paperwork that enters your house. Give each of kids a folder and use one as an inbox for all school papers!

61rHIdt43NL._SL1000_Try the Clear Hanging File Organizer and use any color of folder that complements your space. This organizer holds 8.5′′ x 11′′ hanging file folders and features built-in handles for easy portability around your home. An ideal size to keep right on the desktop for easy access to your most important files.


61Wn2OUpUIL._SL1445_To keep “to-do” files easily accessible, the Officemate Two-Way Organizer is the perfect 3-tier file folder. And, if you don’t have enough room on your desktop, you can stand it upright, instead of laying it flat.


71lhfn-jVbL._SL1300_If you are looking for a good match to your hanging file organizer, Filertek Hanging File Dry-Erase Reusable Tabsare a perfect fit. This product is easy to use, versatile and affordable. Check it out…all you do is flip the clear cover open and write directly onto the tab with the Filertek Dry Erase Pen and then click the clear cover closed. You can reuse them by simply opening the clear cover, wiping off the ink and writing a new label. The great thing is that it fits all hanging files and is certainly sturdier than the flimsy plastic tabs that usually come with the folders.

BHG_Storage_Cover_Spring2012-187x250For steps to creating your filing system, visit last week’s blog Breaking Bad Habits: Managing Paper or download the Storage Doctor magazine article “Conquer Paper Pileup”.

Kathy Jenkins is the President of Come To Order, a residential professional organizing company in Richmond,VA. As a Certified Professional Organizer®, Certified Family Manager® Coach, Love & Logic Parenting® Facilitator/Coach and Student Organizer, Kathy especially enjoys working with kids and their families to help them learn good organizational skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. To learn more about Love & Logic Parenting, follow Kathy on Facebook. 

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