Before & After: Creating a Home Office that Works!

Before and After CTOA home office separated from the main living space can be a wonderful thing… except when it starts filling with clutter and can no longer be used. For this Come To Order Client, the home office became a dumping ground after the paperwork started piling too high.

Not having utilized the office space in several years gave the team leniency to rebuild the office from scratch as a new space that would become more organized and functional. The organization process started with the “SIMPLE” method created by CTO Owner and Certified Professional Organizer, Kathy Jenkins.

The biggest obstacle was the amount of paper that needed to be sorted through and filed into a manageable and workable file system. However, after only 6 hours with Senior Organizer Charles, an assistant, and the client’s help, the office now provides a home for everything and a working file system that will make paperwork much easier to maintain!

Contact us today to set up an appointment with a Professional Organizer. Book quickly because now through Thanksgiving the Come To Order team is offering a special deal!

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