Build Confidence By Organizing Your Life

laundry-istock_000006498759xsmallConfidence is more than just knowing you can do something—it’s knowing you will do something well. It’s acknowledging that you have the skills and experience needed to succeed in whatever challenge you face. It’s recognizing that you have value because of the unique perspective you can offer.

When your home is disorganized or you always feel like you’re muddled in chaos, it’s more difficult to approach life with a can-do, self-confident attitude. At Come To Order, we know that being organized, even at the most basic level, is the best foundations on which you can start building a life full of successes and accomplishments. Why? Because being organized will lead to…

  • A plan. By being organized, you know what to expect, what steps to take, and how you want to reach your goal. No plan is ever perfect because life “happens”, but by being prepared, you can easily adapt and still reach your goals. And accomplishing a goal, no matter how small, inspires confidence.
  • Knowing where to find the answer. Whether you need to look up your homeowner’s insurance policy coverage or remember the password to your online banking account, your important personal information is filed and easily accessible.
  • Recapturing your time. If you’re organized, you’re not wasting time searching for your keys, your briefcase, or umbrella, and you’re not rushing out of the house five minutes late trying to get to your appointment on time. Instead, you leave with extra minutes to spare and can calmly arrive at your destination composed and in control.
  • A clear and focused mind. Clutter is distracting, and it can keep you from concentrating on tasks that need your attention. By being organized, you can eliminate those distractions and stay focused on your priorities, and that makes you more efficient.

When you’re organized, life comes together easier and you feel better about yourself and your space (like getting your laundry room organized). With less stress you now have the time and energy to invest in the other areas of your life. Do you want a real boost of confidence, then get organized!

Photo credit: © J Alcorn

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