CTO Recommends Online Organizing Websites for Families

Organizing a busy family and keeping track of everyone’s schedules can be challenging. Keeping a centralized family calendar in your home can help, but that’s not easily shared with grandma and grandpa or aunts and uncles who might want to attend your kids’ events, or maybe even helping with transportation to and from activities or taking on babysitting duties. Plus, that calendar is only accessible when you’re at home. What if you’re at work, trying to plan an evening meeting or at the dentist office, trying to schedule another appointment?

That’s where the following websites come in handy. They all allow you to track family activities and schedules electronically, so you can not only share them with other family members, but also access them from anywhere your Smartphone or iPad works. They also come with additional features, such as shopping lists and meal planning, to make your job as family manager a little easier. Best of all, they are all free, so give them a try today!

This website is a free online organizer and mobile app that helps busy families manage their jam-packed lives. It includes a shared calendar, shopping lists, to do lists, meal planning, and a family journal that the whole family can access in one place. Cozi was named one of the Web’s best freebies by PC World magazine.

Connect, communicate, share, and organize with the free Famundo website. This is your all-in-one family hub featuring an online calendar to manage your family’s schedule, giving control over your daily life. You can also create shopping lists, blogs, upload documents and photos.

Jibidee…put it all here! This free website offers you a secure place to write down, organize, and keep track of all the “little stuff” in your life…and share if you want. You can write down and keep track of anything, share documents, lists, and pictures, and access your information from anywhere.

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