Dymo Label Maker Simplifies Your Organizing Tasks

One of the hardest things about organizing a household is that things either don’t get put away, or they get put away in the wrong spot. This not only contributes to the clutter problem in certain areas of your home, but it also makes it nearly impossible for the next person to find the items they need.

Labeling can solve both of these problems. First, it helps everyone know exactly where to put an item after they are finished with it, and it gives the next person half a chance of finding the item when they need to use it.

We like to use the Dymo LetraTag Plus LT-100H Personal Label Maker with our organizing projects. It’s a convenient size that fits nicely in the palm of our hand, so it’s easy to move around and take it with us. The best thing about this labeler is that it prints with direct-thermal technology, which saves you money  because you don’t need to buy ribbons, ink or toner cartridges.

The Personal Labelmaker LetraTag features an LCD display that offers an easy graphical WYSIWYG on-screen editor so you can customize fonts and style effects. It also accommodates 2-line printing.

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