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Quirky Pivot Power Strip
Power strips have become common place in almost every home with all of the electronics we use today. They get us extra power where we need it most, but those straight strips aren’t always convenient. This Quirky Pivot Power 6 Outlet Flexible Surge Protector is an adjustable electrical power strip that holds large adapters in EVERY outlet!

Finally, every plug fits into every outlet. Pivot Power features six adjustable outlets that pivot against each other to create the room needed for large adapters in each outlet. With 672 Joules of rock-solid protection, you can plug in all your adapters and still protect your valuable electronics from power spikes and surges.

The flexible shape of Quirky’s Pivot Power pivots around furniture and hard to reach places. The versatility of positioning lets Pivot Power accommodate virtually any home setup, whether it’s circling around the foot of your living room end table or weaving around a cluttered computer desk. It also features six feet of cord with a flat head plug, so you can get power where you need it. Furthermore, the Pivot Power surge protector is professionally designed for safety and utility as a standard surge protector for your valuable electronics.

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