Keep Your Bathroom Clutter-Free

Keep Your Bathroom Clutter-Free

This article is published in the Spring 2011 edition of Storage by Better Homes and Gardens. The magazine is available on newsstands until March 2011.

Certified Professional Organizer Kathy Jenkins of Come To Order reveals her favorite ideas to reorganize the most frequently (and overlooked) room in your home.

  1. Function first If your bath lacks a linen closet, repurpose a cabinet or dresser to organize towels, cleaning gear, and extra supplies. Dedicate each shelf to a specific category, then add baskets and labels for easy reference. Add hooks, rings, and bars—such as the adhesive-backed swing rod on the vanity’s side—to keep linens off the floor and counter.
  2. Squeeze play Get creative with your space by stashing seldom-used items inside a storage stool. Subdivide the space with boxes that corral supplies into task specific kits.
  3. Restore order Limit medicine cabinets to items you use every day. Discard old or unused potions. Keep medications in original containers and move to a high shelf or other safe spot, particularly if you have small children. Store remaining items one layer deep, doubling space with acrylic ledges.
  4. Bird’s-eye view Take an aerial perspective to organize bath drawers. Use removable organizers, such as this woven plastic divider, to avoid stacked items or toppling piles.
  5. Whisk away Everything on the vanity should be easy to clean. Rest toiletries in caddies or trays so you can lift instantly for quick cleaning or tuck away when guests visit.

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