Manage Family Schedules with the Post-It Weekly Planner

Get your entire family organized with the Post-it Weekly Planner, a great functional designer calendar. Each column represents a day of the week, and you can use the lines along the left side to identify a family member. The 2″x2″ lined squares are the perfect size to jot down appointments and other commitments, and the Post-It notes can be used to add extra notes or jot down reminders that you can take with you as you jet out the door. The calendar features 52 Post-it® Weekly Planner sheets and 6 pads of Post-it® Notes in assorted colors.

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  1. Kathy,
    I’d like to arrange for home visit for help with procrastination and chronic disorganization, clutter and piles, bags, boxes of paper. Difficulty purging, desire to reuse and re-purpose everything, but don’t get around to it. I need a kick start and am motivated to start right away. Let me know when your first available office or home appointment is available.
    804-2XX-XXXX (removed to protect your privacy) Thanks in advance, Vicki

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