National Get Organized Month: Get Going!

1-blog-small-projectsHappy New Year!

Did you know it’s National Get Organized MonthSM, so what better time then now to get started on your New Year’s resolution? At Come To Order, we believe that if you have a few minutes then you have enough time to get organized!

Do you feel like big organization projects are overwhelming and downright stressful… you start out with the best laid plans and days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, or perhaps even years. Let’s stop that pattern in 2014! Most of us live crazy, busy lives that are not conducive to tackling a big organizing project (unless we have the focused help of a Professional Organizer), so in 2014 we will focus on small projects that can be accomplished in a matter of hours or even minutes! A lot of little changes all added up leads to a big transformation and before you know it, you are organized!

You may not get a whole room organized right away, but by taking small steps such as de-cluttering and organizing the top of the dresser, you will get the boost of confidence and sense of accomplishment that gives you the motivation to do another small project and change your unproductive habits.

Let’s get started! Before you jump right in on anything, start by organizing your thoughts…begin each day by jotting down a short “To Do” list of all that you need and want to get done, not necessarily that day, but in general. Add to the list every time you think of something. Keep the list on a small spiral bound journal or notebook so you can take it with you. That is an easy and great first step that anyone can do!

Having a To Do list is only the beginning. In order for things to actually get done, you must plan time to do them. Schedule the things that MUST get done this week! Block out time on your calendar, just like you would with a doctor appointment (after all organizing is as important to your health as is an annual physical).  Those items without a definite deadline or that will take a large amount of time can be scheduled for a day when you know you won’t be too busy (the kids are in school, a day off of work, a holiday, etc.). Once it is scheduled, cross it off of your list.

For those really small things… if the action will take 3 -5 minutes or less, then just do it. It will take longer to plan than if you just do it! And the satisfaction of getting something done, even a small something, can be so rewarding and motivating to tackle a bigger something.

This year instead of resolving to get organized, resolve to tackle small, manageable projects a little at a time. Set yourself up for success at the beginning and this will be one resolution that you will be excited to keep!

Tell us some of your small organization projects you have for 2014. Maybe sorting and organizing your desk is on your list or perhaps going through your DVD shelf? Get going and share your ideas with us on Facebook!

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  1. Stephanie Vega Says: January 20, 2014 at 5:47 pm

    I have a spare room that has boxes of baby clothes I’ve been meaning to categorize and consign. That’s my organization mission the first half of this year. Now, my closet? That’s another story entirely!

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