Neat-Oh! ZipBin Storage Organizers

If you have kids, you will appreciate these awesome toy storage organizers! Neat-Oh! brings us toy totes that are toys themselves. They are bright, colorful, durable, and created with a heavy-duty zipper, so they can take a little abuse. We love these because they provide hours of fun but also make clean-up easy and keep all those small toys corralled. They are also ideal for portable play.

The Neat-Oh! Hot Wheels ZipBin Ramp It Up
storage bin unzips from a tote into a city scene with 2 ramps. There are endless configurations for the ramps – they can prop up the sides; make a hill out of the mat; create jumps; smash and crash ramps; etc. The bin easily stores 25 cars. Includes an authentic Hot Wheels® car.


The Neat-Oh! Barbie ZipBin Dream House Toybox & Playmat provides a beautiful mansion that doubles as storage. When it’s time to play, open up Barbie ZipBin Dream House to find two stories of elegant decoration all fit for a girls’ night or even a romantic dinner. Store anything Barbie needs to eat, sleep, play, and dress up!


There’s one for LEGOS, too! The Neat-Oh! LEGO Star Wars ZipBin TIE Fighter Carry Case resembles the trench of the Death Star. Your kids will enjoy flying their LEGO creations  into the loading bay and “fighting” their way to the control room. When play time is over, all of the LEGO pieces fit inside for safe storage. LEGO Blocks not included.

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