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Have you ever played the purse hunt game?  Wallet PhotosThe game where you see who has a fork or a roll of duct tape or a tree branch in your purse?  Unfortunately, too many times it may feel like we are playing that game when we are just trying to find our debit card at the grocery checkout.  Here are a couple suggestions for having quick and easy access to everything you need all the time:

*  Empty your purse of all receipts.  Throw out the receipts you don’t need anymore. If you are keeping a receipt because you might returning an item, then store it with the item (pocket of pants, taped to the box, etc)

* Look through your credit cards and debit cards.  If there are cards you aren’t using anymore, remove them from your wallet.  With all your remaining cards, make a list of them including the company name, account number, expiration date and phone number.  Keep this information in a safe place at home incase our wallet is ever stolen.

* Collect all the loose change and collect it a “mad money” jar. When the jar is full it is time for a day of fun.

* Decide how much makeup you really need to carry with you and then get a makeup bag that can hold it – not too big and not too small.

When deciding on a purse, besides how it looks, think about how it will function. Size is important. If your bag is too big, you are more likely to stuff without thought and create a handbag so heavy that your shoulder are no longer straight. Pockets, but not too many, can help you to easily organize by having a specific place to store specific things: a pocket for pens, pocket for your phone, etc; but too many pockets can make it hard to remember what goes where. Finally, it should be easy to open. If it has a zipper or difficult snap you may be more likely to stuff things in an outside pocket with the intention of getting to it later.An organized purse can save you time, money and stress! It doesn’t take very long, so grab your purse and get organizing!

photo credit: Sprogz via photopin cc

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