Organizing after the Holidays

While cleaning up after the holidays is essential, it can also be difficult. See tips below from Garage Solutions of Richmond on how to get organized after the Holidays.

With the Holidays coming to a close, organizing has never come at a better time. The hustle and bustle is sure to end and there is no doubt that you will be left with a giant Christmas cluttered mess.  Look no further than Garage Solutions of Richmond to get your tips and tricks for organizing after the Holidays.

Take the Time to Sort

The first battle to tackle is putting away all of those Christmas decorations. With the hours it took to get them all out, these tactics are sure to help you save half the time putting them away. Ask yourself “Do I need this for next year?” While Christmas decorations are precious commodities, they will also come and go. Get rid of older decorations that may be unused or ones that you have very little space left for in the home. If you have a hard time letting them go, one of my favorite traditions is to pass down decorations to family and friends.

Handle with Care

From glass to porcelain, Christmas decorations come in all shapes and sizes. Store your decorations smart and secure this coming year to guarantee finding them in one piece next year. For ornaments, utilize those giant bins, but instead of just throwing the ornaments in the tub, stack plastic cups in the bin and store up to 2 ornaments in each cup. This will keep them organized and safe from breaking or chipping. Have you ever spent hours untangling light strands? Save yourself the hassle next year and wrap each strand around a piece of cardboard to avoid broken lights and tangled strands.

Label and Store

Now that all of your decorations are packed, the decision of where and how to store them crosses your mind. While throwing them down in the basement or up in the rafters sounds tempting, store them smart so the process for next year is a breeze. Labeling is the most efficient way to save you time. Make easy, stick able labels to go on each bin or bag. Overhead storage racks are the best way to store those large Christmas bins, leaving them out of the way throughout the year until you are ready to use them for the Holidays. Having a system of order when storing them will save you the hassle of moving around those heavy bins.

Instead of dreading Holiday clean up, have fun with it this year using these tips and tricks provided by Garage Solutions of Richmond. By sorting, carefully storing and labeling, your post-holiday organizing will have you prepared for years to come.

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  1. Stephanie Vega Says: January 20, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    I’m very much ‘into’ Christmas – so we have LOTS of decorations but I never want to put them away after the holidays. I definitely need some pointers to that end. Thanks for a helpful post.

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