Organizing a Treasured Dorm Life

Organizing a Treasured Dorm Life

Moving a child into a dorm takes a lot of organizing!  You forget how many things you use on a daily basis and take for granted having at home.  Not only is the packing process important, organizing in typically small spaces takes some creativity.  Here are several key tips for packing and staying organized all year:

Cleaning out the childhood-treasures

Geralin Thomas, a Professional Organizer suggests this tactic when packing at home for a dorm room, “Ask your son or daughter, ‘If you were moving into an apartment and had bookshelves, is this something you would want displayed on the shelf’?”  Most of the time, Thomas says the answer is “no” and it helps with the process of letting go.

Letting go of childhood-treasures

While you are packing and your teenager is picking and choosing what to take and what will stay, begin getting rid of stuff!  An empty nest is hard enough to handle… a cluttered one is dreadful!

Plan ahead

Visit your dorm room (or one exactly like it) previous to moving in.  You don’t want to pull up with a loaded car and take one back home with you!

Geralin Thomas Helping You Manage Your Modern Life and Optimize Your Organizing Business

For more tips from Geralin Thomas and CHECKLISTS to successfully set up your dorm room, visit Metropolitan Organizing.

Resources we used for this blog post:  Metropolitan OrganizingOrganizing U; Organize! The Ultimate Back-to-School Guide; Fall 2014

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