Organizing Project: Kid’s Study Area – Before and After

Come to Order can help students organize their desk area to create homework-friendly spot. Here are before and after shots of one room we organized recently:

bedroom desk before bedroom desk before
Desk area before Desk area before
bedroom desk after bedroom bookcase after
Desk area after – We kept a few decorative items, but mostly, the desk area stores items needed to complete homework We found a better home for many of her books, awards, and knickknacks.

Our biggest task was deciding which items belonged on the desk and then finding new homes for things that didn’t belong. Then we took a “containerizing” approach to group like items together and store them in logical places. Because we also organized other areas of her room, she now knows where to put clothes, purses, books, and knickknacks. By giving everything an assigned space, it’s easier for her to keep her desk area organized and oriented to homework.

Come To Order


  1. What a difference!!! She should be quite productive in her room now.
    I have a question. What can I do with 200 trophies that my daughter left
    3 years agao when she got married and has our first granddaughter? Any
    help would be appreciated! Have a fabulous day.
    Thank you,
    Joyce Ward

    • Since she has clearly moved past the phase of wanting to display these trophies, I would suggest a photo of the trophies and then a close-up of the metal plate with her name. This could easily be put in a digital picture book and would make a nice gift. Then you can contact the local schools (don;t forget private schools), boys & girls clubs or sports clubs to see if they can re-use the trophies and just replace the engraved plate.

      Thanks for you post and let us know how it all turns out! Happy Organizing!

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