Parting with Memories

Parting with Memories

In our crazy busy lives we cherish the precious moments that we have in our lives. Sometimes that is a wedding, a trip, a performance or the art work that your kids bring home from school. Those times are so special we never want to forget them so we hold on to anything that we think will remind us… the ticket stub, the program, the ribbon that donned the end of the pew, the cotton ball bunny or pinecone turkey made by little hands that you never want to get big.

Time marches on and we create more memories and with that comes more stuff to help us remember which gets shoved in a box and stuffed in the attic or the back of a closet. Possessions that have emotional attachments are difficult to let go, but how much value do they hold in your life if they get packed away, never to be seen again. More than that as the years fade (and your images of those special times fade) is the ticket stub, program or cotton ball bunny really going to help you remember what you looked like, what your kids, friends or family looked like? And isn’t that really what you want to remember?

So what to do???

  1. Take a digital picture – After all it is how everyone looked at that special moment and time that you want to remember
  2. Scan images of ticket stubs, programs, artwork, etc. that you know you will never frame – Hard drive space is cheap and small
  3. Create a digital book! –  Isn’t the whole purpose for keeping the stuff to be able to walk down memory lane? That isn’t happening while it is in a box!

I made a photo book for 2012 in early 2013 (I hope that made sense) and it is one book that we all love to look at from time to time. We didn’t have to save sand from the beach, or cards from the birthdays, or artwork from school to remember all the great times.

Try it… you’ll feel less burdened (and guilty) about hanging on to a bunch of stuff that you know you will never go through again. Now I am off to make my book for 2013!

photo credit: Dustan Sept via photopin cc


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