Preparing for a Family Addition

Preparing for a Family Addition

Are you expecting, recently had a baby or know someone who is?  This is the post for you!  There is a lot of organizing happening when a new arrival is expected.  Whether you have well-intentioned people surrounding you or little ones that you don’t want to be left out of the excitement, there are a couple things we suggest including in your list of nesting to-do lists:

  1. Use a 3-ring binder to collect the abundance of information, records, emergency numbers, etc.
  2. Before you head to the hospital, think about who you would like with you… in the waiting room, birthing room or delivery room and at home after your new addition has arrived. Write down your wishes and keep them in your binder so it is handy to those close to you.
  3. Imagine everything that may need to happen after the baby arrives. Create a list of tasks you anticipate having to do or needing assistance with and assign certain willing family members or friends to do them.  Again, keep this list handy in your binder.  Some things to get your list started are:  meals, laundry, errands, help with older children, etc.

Speaking of older children, creating an inviting atmosphere for a new brother or sister is important to managing a family.  Allow family members, especially older kids, the opportunity to be honest about any apprehensions they may have.  Mixed feelings always come with change, so here are a couple ways to bring comfort to siblings… better sooner than later:

  1. Bring up the new baby in daily conversation.
  2. Before your baby arrives, keep a “countdown” on a family calendar. This will bring excitement into your home, as well as mentally prepare your older children for the changes that will soon come.
  3. Especially after the baby arrives, try spending individual time with each of your children daily to affirm your love for them.
  4. Remember that as much as try to prepare your children, it will take time to adjust. Allow them to express insecurities and let them talk about their concerns.

For additional tips to help you through your pregnancy, we suggest this article from Kid’s Health.


Kathy Jenkins is the President of Come To Order, a Certified Professional Organizer®, Student Organizer, Certified Family Manager Coach, Writer and Speaker based in Richmond, Virginia. She is a member of NAPO and ICD and is dedicated to helping her clients simplify their lives by reducing clutter, organizing their homes and offices, and managing their time. Kathy especially enjoys working with kids and their families to help them learn good organizational skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.  Follow Kathy on Facebook

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