Sell Your Stuff: Tips for a Successful Yard Sale – Part 2

In Part 1, we gave you tips for planning your date and location, choosing your sale items, and pricing your items. Now, we offer tips on advertising and organizing your sale!


  • Place ads in your local paper, on community bulletin boards, and by telling friends and family.
  • Add your sale to because your listing will show up on the online Yard Sale Treasure Map, a real-time app for mobile phones.
  • If you make your own signs, use neon poster board and thick black permanent markers.
  • For a cheap freestanding sign, write on brown paper grocery bags, fill the bottom with rocks to hold them down, and place them strategically to direct customers to your sale.
  • Make sure your ads include date, time, address, and a couple of big ticket items to attract customers.

Set-up and Organize

  • Don’t forget change and a money box or bag. Guard it carefully.
  • Remove all obstacles in your yard to avoid trips and falls. Tape down cords, and keep your pets in safe areas where they are out of the way.
  • Use tables or shelves to neatly display items. Most shoppers won’t dig through boxes or piles.
  • Organize clothing by gender and size.
  • Keep an extension cord and extra batteries handy for customers to test items.
  • Have a table or two just for the men who tag along with their wives. When husbands are occupied, the wives have more time to shop!
  • Post a sign that says “All Sales Are Final” to avoid hassles later.

That’s not all! Get more great tips by reading Part 3 of this article!

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