Love & Logic Parenting

If you have kids, parenting is one of your most important and rewarding jobs and certainly it can also one of the most frustrating!

Kids have their own agenda, and it usually doesn’t coincide with ours as parents. With so many influences from so many places -friends, the Internet, movie stars, musicians, sports figures – our kids find it easy to pick up bad habits and develop attitudes that are less than desirable.
So, when it comes to raising happy, healthy, responsible, and well-mannered children, the job might seem overwhelming, and even impossible.

Enter Love and Logic速 Parenting, a unique approach that reveals the secrets of successful parenting. This proven system helps you put the fun back into raising kids. No more arguing, nagging, or empty threats. Power struggles become a thing of the past! Kids learn to respect you (and other adults), be responsible for their own actions, and solve their own problems.

In this 5-week class, you’ll learn how to improve your parenting skills and raise happy, responsible, self-confident children who know how to solve their own problems. Learn specific strategies that are practical and easy-to-implement. These strategies will help your children:

  • Build self-confidence
  • Learn to solve their own problems
  • Treat all people with respect
  • Be accountable and take responsibility for their own actions
  • Recognize that consequences that result from poor decisions
  • Understand how much you love and support them

Contact us if you want one-on-one support or check out our Workshops page to find out when and where we are facilitating these Love & Logic速 Parenting Workshops:

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“Parents who have participated in the class say that their children’s behavior has changed for the better! They have a better relationship with their kids and they have more time to enjoy activities and have fun together.”