Storage Shed Before & After

Off-site storage, like a Shed, can be a hindrance as much as it can be helpful.  In the case of a Shed – like this Client’s – it’s easy to throw anything and everything inside, shut the door, and never open it until something else needs to be thrown in and forgotten.  And that’s just the dilemma: because it’s Off-Site and not in the main living space, it (and everything inside) very simply gets forgotten, which proves to be problematic when the one thing you need is at the bottom of the pile.


Not knowing where to start can often lead to procrastination, and this Come To Order Client was faced with that very issue, until she called in some help from Charles to get her Storage Shed organized.  To get started, everything had to be removed from the space and onto the driveway to be sorted into categories (tools, décor, paint, lawn care, etc.).  Since a Work Bench had already been purchased but was unable to fit inside up until now, it was pulled from inside the home and added to the sorted categories as well.  The overall purpose of the Shed was to provide storage AND have adequate space to work on projects, so decisions had to be made as to what exactly would live there and what would either be stored somewhere else in the home or donated.

After a 6 hour Organizing Session with Charles, this Come To Order Client’s Shed was transformed and once again a fully functioning Storage Space, ready for projects to be worked on while still providing plenty of room for off-site storage!

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