The first really cold day… do you know where your gloves are?

Richmond had its very first really cold morning of the season – it was in the 30’s. It got me thinking as I was preparing to take our pug, Jack, outside that I need my gloves.

mudroom dresser for storage

Organize your winter gloves, scarves and hats in a dresser.

Now I am fortunate to have a cute antique dresser in my mudroom so that is where all the gloves, hats and winter wear reside – albeit a bit of a mess right now…a small project (about 20 minutes) for another day.

Use bins to organize hats, gloves, scarves, etc.. inside the dresser drawer


But this begs the question to you – do you know where your gloves are? If the answer is “no” or even “I found one glove”, then it is time to get organized!

  • Spend a few minutes hunting down your winter wear.
  • Designate a place where it will live, preferably where the coats reside and select a small bin, basket or other appropriate container.
  • Make sure that it is not filled to the brim to begin with. Chances are you might need to get a larger pair of gloves for a growing child or a new scarf that is in style. If the container is already packed then there is no “room in the inn” for anything new.
  • Evaluate everything and determine if it is all still stuff your family will wear. Donate those things that don’t make the cut. If you find that there is nothing to part with then you need to designate more space (i.e., a bigger container or a separate container for each member of the family).
  • Share with everyone where they can find and put back their winter gear.
  • Encourage them to put their things back when they are done so they can find them when they need them on the upcoming frigid mornings.

Organizing doesn’t always have to be a big major project. Putting a stake in the ground on one category of things can start you on the path of organization.

Happy Organizing! (and stay warm)

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