Family Management


Feb 2011

CTO Recommends Shoeboxed

Shoeboxed simplifies your life and clears your home office of clutter! This service digitizes your paper documents, unlocks the data trapped on them, and organizes everything neatly in your secure online account. It’s great for tasks like expense reporting, accounting, tax prep and contact management.

Your Life…Electronically


Jan 2011

Your Life…Electronically

This article was written by Brian Kramer and includes information from his interview with Kathy Jenkins of CTO. The article is published in the Spring 2011 edition of Storage by Better Homes and Gardens, which is available on newsstands until March 2011. Should you store your personal information digitally and online? Here’s how to weigh the risks and rewards to choose the best products and...

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Dec 2010

Product Recommendation: Alex Toys My Art Expandable File

Children love to give gifts of their own creativity, and this expandable file is just what you need to save all of their beautiful pictures. With the Alex Toys My Art Expandable File, you can even add your little artist’s picture in the front so you know exactly who created the masterpieces inside. A wonderful gift for any parent with small children. Start a new...

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Oct 2010

The Art of Family Management

Do you manage your family like a CEO manages a business? This probably isn’t the way you approach your job as a “family manager.” But when you stop to compare the two, they really are quite similar. Both require skills in team building, delegation, forecasting, creating a routine, and sticking to a schedule. Here’s how to apply “CEO” concepts to keep your household running smoothly:...

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Aug 2010

Summertime (All the Time) House Rules to Maintain Order

Having a set of summertime house rules can be a big help to your family when kids are out of school and your routine is, well not routine anymore. Everyone knows what to expect, and what is expected of them. Creating your own set of house rules this summer will help you create a more peaceful environment in your home, maintain some semblance of order,...

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