Organizing Your Paper

Paper, paper everywhere but you can never find the one you need? You are not alone!

Survey results indicate that in this electronic age we produce 40% more paper than before computers. It comes from everywhere – junk mail, magazines, coupons, kid’s school papers, bills, etc. Then there is the issue of keeping papers that really could/should be tossed or shred.

As a Certified Professional Organizer I can show you how to get a handle on the stacks of paper you have right now and then help you implement a system to keep the paper from piling up again. Working with you, I will develop a personalized plan that will include:

  • a filing system to organize the papers you must keep
  • a document retention schedule so you keep only what is necessary
  • a system to manage incoming paper
  • guidelines for keeping your children’s paper

If you are ready to clear your kitchen counters, dining room table or home office desk top, then contact me so we can get started.

Come To Order offers workshops to help you learn strategies to organize your important information. Check out our Workshops page to find out when and where we are holding this and other organizing workshops:

File It, Don’t Pile It

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“Before using the Come to Order Tickler System, I had mounds and mounds of disorganized paper all over my house. I could not find anything quickly, as there was no specific location for bills, invitations and other important papers. Now, everything is organized by day, and I always know what I have on my ‘to-do’ list for tomorrow. I would recommend the Come to Order Tickler System without hesitation!”

Erin Y.

Testimonial Erin Y.

“When it came to my home office paper organization I just didn’t know where to start. For me, it depended on what mood I was in as to where things were filed. Now I have a maintainable filing system with guidelines as to what I should keep. I would definitely recommend your services!”

Karen G.

Testimonial Karen G.