Organizing Your Home

Tired of all the clutter in your home? We specialize in helping you get organized so your house becomes a home.

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Organizing Your Student

Richmond’s only company that focuses solely on helping kids get organized for academic and personal success.

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Organizing Your Paper

Paper, paper everywhere but you can never find the one you need? We can help you clear your kitchen counters, dining room table or home office desk top.

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Organizing Your Time

Does it feel like time is NOT on your side? We can help you STOP feeling like a gerbil spinning on a wheel and help you get control of your time.

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Family Manager Coaching

Do you feel like your day never ends? We can help you run a more organized, efficient and happy household.

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Love & Logic Parenting

Raising happy, healthy, responsible, and well-mannered children might seem overwhelming, and even impossible. We can help.

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Is your soul is craving knowledge on how to get and stay organized in every area of your life? Our organizing workshops are just what you need!

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Is your organization in need of tips on how to eliminate clutter, manage time and reduce stress? We have just the presentation for you!

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We realize that being organized does not come naturally to everyone. In fact for most people it needs to become a learned skill or habit. But we also know that it can be done, sometimes all it takes is a little help….and that is where we come in.

Make today the day you finally decide to get organized! No more excuses, no more embarrassment, no more hiding with your clutter. You deserve a stress-free, organized life, and Come To Order can help you get there.

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In this video Kathy shares her tips for finishing the school year strong.


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