Kathy Jenkins contributes to BH&G The Secrets of Getting Organized Magazine

Kathy Jenkins contributes to BH&G The Secrets of Getting Organized Magazine

Secrets of Getting Organized magazine digs into the step-by-step process behind getting organized. Each issue features advice from published organization experts that includes tips and techniques to help you cut clutter, create manageable filing systems, and improve your home’s efficiency room by room. Real-life examples with problem-solving solutions along with innovative storage organizational products will help get you organized—and keep you organized.  Organizing professionals, including our own Kathy Jenkins, share tips to tackle clutter, shop smarter, organizing for your personality type, room make-overs, and more!  With easy to read articles and beautiful images, you will want to pick up a copy for yourself – and, maybe one for a friend!  You can see the articles that Kathy contributed here:


Creative storage strategies clear off available counter top space and take care a family crafts room from chaotic to calm!


End fights about homework by setting up a dedicated work area suited to your child’s personality.


pets circle


We love our pets and consider them part of the family, but their accessories and other items can sometimes  get in the way and out of order (and we haven’t taught ours to put away their things yet!).  Here are some practical tips for keeping the four-legged family members organized as well.

 laundry circleLAUNDRY

See how Kathy helped a family turn one of the busiest areas of their home into a space that functions efficiently and expands available storage near the family’s main entrance.

SIMPLE circleS.I.M.P.L.E.

A structure, six-step process that helps you stay organized with a handy acronym!


Park your car in the garage again! Employ wall and ceiling space to make more room in the garage for your gear and tools  – and your vehicles, too.

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