Organizing Your Home

So you have decided enough is enough and you are ready to clear the piles from the kitchen counters, get the dirty laundry off of the floor, and file your bills after they are paid. You have come to the right place for help.

As a Certified Professional Organizer, I specialize in helping you clear the clutter from your house so it can become a home. Using my trademarked SIMPLE™ Method, I will help you make those tough decisions about what to keep and where to keep it. Check it out:

Coaching You Through the Chaos

Declutter and organize your spaceThrough detailed online worksheets and online coaching we will work together to transform your home or office into an organized and functional space.

We work in incremental sessions so that you can achieve maximum results without being exhausted at the end of our time together. Contact me when you are ready to come to order.

What Makes Come To Order Unique?

At Come To Order, we are sincerely dedicated to satisfying our customers and accommodating their needs. Here are a few ways we accomplish this:

  • Donations – Not only do we help you choose items that you want to donate, but we deliver them to the recipient organization for you AND we provide you with a detailed “value” report to help you take an accurate deduction on your income taxes. This is included in our Hands-On organizing services at no extra charge!
  • No on-site needs assessment – By calling us, you already realize that you need clutter-clearing help. So instead of spending time and money creating a report for you, we get down to work right away, on our first visit!
  • Flexible hours – With our team of organizers, we can offer time during weekends, evenings, and even some holidays. We do our best to be available when you need us!
  • We inspire tears of happiness! Yes, we’ve been known to make clients cry, but only because they are so relieved to have their overwhelming organizing challenge solved and happy to have reclaimed space and control.

Can you find Come To Order on Houzz?

Yes, you can!  Join us on Houzz,  a platform for home remodeling and design, bringing homeowners and home professionals together in a uniquely visual community.  Visit us on Houzz to see some of our projects and customer reviews!  If you are a Houzz member (or you are not), here is a simple way to see some of our work:


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Testimonial Nicole

I just want to thank you again for all your help and encouragement today. It was so wonderful coming home from work to such a neat kitchen; it looks twice as big. I am so inspired to tackle other portions of the house now. I cannot thank you enough.


Testimonial Connie

“I was so pleased with the results after only six hours! Kathy’s system is so easy to keep up. I did my my little girls room this weekend using the same techniques, and wow, it was so simple. We were able to get the whole room done with no tears or screaming. I plan to use this on every organizing project in the house. I would recommend CTO to everybody!”

Terri H.

Testimonial Terri H.

Thank you for your help. I am so impressed with your service. Ifeel so good when I walk through my front door now! I finally feel a sense of “freedom.”

Marilyn J.

Testimonial Marilyn J.

“Before working with you my kitchen was unorganized, cluttered and overwhelming. Since working with you I have developed a different way of thinking about the stuff that I have. I also learned that it is much more fun to get organized when you have someone helping you. I would definitely recommend you!”


Testimonial Quinton

“My Mom happened to notice all that was going on and shortly before my birthday she heard me talking about how I just wish I could have someone come in and organize the house.  So, she gave me a fabulous birthday gift…. she called a Professional Organizer!!  Monday Kathy and a small team came in to get my kitchen organized.  Organizing my kitchen was no small task!  Kathy is super friendly.  It’s really hard showing all my disorganization to a stranger, but she’s non-judgmental and very accepting.  Kathy and her team seem to be able to see things that I never could.  She came up with organization ideas in seconds, that made me say, “Why couldn’t I ever think of that?!” [This really was the most important], she kept me motivated.  I’m beyond pleased.  Life is already feeling a little better and I can’t wait for the next project to start!  I’ve already booked her to help with my laundry room, front foyer, and office and I can’t wait to see how the rest of our projects turn out!”


Testimonial Valerie