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Decorating your holiday with Come To Order


Nov 2015

Decorating your holiday with Come To Order

At Come To Order, we love helping you let go of clutter.  During the Holidays we want to make trimming your tree a cinch, so we have a great deal for you and your friends.  Let us help you decorate & no one will look like the Grinch!  Here are some images from a recent happy client: If you are interested in a Come To Order...

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Valerie’s Kitchen:  A Before & After Story


Mar 2015

Valerie’s Kitchen: A Before & After Story

We love before & after stories, so we thought we would share this store with you! My Mom happened to notice all that was going on and shortly before my birthday she heard me talking about how I just wish I could have someone come in and organize the house.  So, she gave me a fabulous birthday gift…. she called a Professional Organizer!! We did...

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Before and After:  Decluttering a Utility Room


Oct 2014

Before and After: Decluttering a Utility Room

A multi-purpose space, like a utility or laundry room, can serve as some of the best storage in a home.  Unfortunately, it is also the easiest space to become cluttered. For this Come To Order client, decluttering this utility room meant helping cleaning supplies that had been lost beneath cleaning supplies and creating space for the most frequently used items that had been most difficult to access....

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A New Space:  Closet and Laundry Systems


Oct 2014

A New Space: Closet and Laundry Systems

For this Come To Order Client, not having a set system for laundry helped lead to a busy closet. But, after spending the day with Kathy Jenkins, now her closet is organized and easy to navigate and a new system for sorting laundry is also helping to keep the space maintained! We love sharing our before and after stories with you.  To see more, visit us on...

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Jul 2014

Before & After: Moving Kitchens

For this Come To Order client, moving into a new home and merging two kitchens was a lot more than they had bargained for. Now, after a few hours with Come To Order, their new kitchen is unpacked, organized and ready for everyday use!  For more pictures from this session and others, visit us on Facebook! Kathy Jenkins is a nationally recognized Certified Professional Organizer®,...

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Jun 2014

Kitchen – Before & After

Cooking in this Come To Order client’s kitchen was quite the work-out! Pots and pans were across from the oven, some small appliances were hidden in the pantry, and spices were stored so high up they went missing! Now, after a 6 hour session with Charles Williams and Ashley Stefanko, this kitchen fits the client’s every need, with like things together, everything visible and accessible,...

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May 2014

Before & After: Bathroom Organization

Having plenty of space and a bunch of storage bins in your bathroom doesn’t always mean we’re going to be organized, especially if we never specify what our bins will be used for! After only a 3-hour session with Charles Williams, this Come To Order client’s bathroom now has a labeled place for everything and everything in its place (with room to spare)! eNEWSLETTER Sign up...

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Feb 2014

Storage Shed Before & After

Not knowing where to start can often lead to procrastination and this Come To Order Client was faced with that very issue, until she called in some help from Charles to get her Storage Shed organized.

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