Family Manager Coaching

As the family manager of your household, you may feel like your day never ends and your list of responsibilities keeps growing and expanding. There’s always more and more to do for everyone else – helping with homework, driving to another appointment, baking cookies for the school party, sorting piles of laundry — and less and less time for yourself.

If you’re starting to lose your sanity, (or willing to admit that you lost it a long time ago!), you need the help of a family manager coach to bring your job down to size and your goals into focus.

As a Family Manager Coach, I can help you run a more organized, efficient, and happy household. It is possible!

Together we will design a personalized plan to help you:
  • Get your home organized and eliminate clutter
  • Use positive encouragement to gain cooperation from household members
  • Learn to delegate tasks that others can do for you to free up your time
  • Plan meals and grocery shopping
  • Manage money more effectively and pay bills on time
  • Create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere in your home
  • Live life to the fullest and enjoy your family as the wonderful blessing it is
  • Find “me” time
Are you ready to get started? Here’s how:


  1. Contact me and I’ll get you set up to access the Family Manager Assessment. This online tool will help me determine the most stressful areas of your life and learn about your ideal life.
  2. Once you’ve completed the online Family Manager Assessment (allow 20 to 30 minutes), I’ll review it with you and develop an initial plan of priorities and discuss ideas for how I can help.
  3. I will consider all of the information I have about your needs and goals, and I’ll develop a Family Manager Action Plan designed specifically for you and your family.
  4. We’ll meet again to discuss the plan and decide how and when to get started!

Being a family manager is the most important job you’ll ever have! Let me help you reach your goals and create a happy and healthy life for you and your family.

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“I’ve gotten more out of a session with Kathy than I have with my counselor. She really understood our current family situation and goals for the future, and customized an action plan just for us. I have less anxiety about my mess, and would love to continue my progress with her. We also love 7-minute pick-up. I would recommend Come To Order’s Family Manager Assessment Plan. Thank you so much!”

Family Manager Coaching Client

Testimonial Erica

“Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company to others. Thanks so much for your help today!  It was my pleasure. I feel tons better already!”

Rachel D.
Coaching Services

Testimonial Rachel D.