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Aug 2012

Five Star 7-Pocket Expanding File with Pop-Up Tabs

The Five Star 7-Pocket Expanding File with Pop-Up Tabs is a super option for the kid who doesn’t like a binder. It’s a simple, portable file holder with colored tab inserts that make it easy to organize paper by class or subject. In addition,pull-up reminder tabs help you remember what’s filed where. The clearview cover allows students to customize the cover with their own style....

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Sep 2011

Get a Free Gift Courtesy of CTO!

Thanks to all my readers and followers for being a part of my community!  As a gift to you, I’d like to provide you with a Free Smead SuperTab Folder for organizing your paperwork.  SuperTab folders have nearly double the labeling area of standard folders so you can use larger text or more lines of description.  To get your free SuperTab folder, go to www.smead.com/SuperTabSample...

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Aug 2011

CTO Recommends the Smead Travel Organizer

More than just a travel organizer, the Smead organizer is a unique 3-tab folder keeps all of your important papers in one convenient place. Great for organizing school notes, schedules, calendars, permission slips, and more. Also ideal for students who need an easy system to collect and organize resources for a term paper or research project.


Aug 2011

CTO Recommends Dynamic Artwork Frames™

Decorate your home with the beautiful masterpieces created by your young artist. Dynamic Artwork Frames™ display your children’s artwork so you can easily change it any time you want! This awesome product even has a built-in storage space for up to 50 pieces of artwork. What a delightful way to add personality to your home or office, and showcase the budding talent of your favorite...

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Feb 2011

CTO Recommends Shoeboxed

Shoeboxed simplifies your life and clears your home office of clutter! This service digitizes your paper documents, unlocks the data trapped on them, and organizes everything neatly in your secure online account. It’s great for tasks like expense reporting, accounting, tax prep and contact management.

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