File It! Don’t Pile It!




Whether you’re looking for tips and tricks for organizing your personal or professional interior spaces or seeking to start a professional organizing business, we have the classes and instructors for you.

Start by tackling those piles of papers, then learn more about the principles of organizing. Apply those newly-discovered organizational skills in home and office closets, then to your daily professional routines. Find out how a lack of organization affects your personal and professional profitability, and gain the skills to do something about it.

What is File It! Don’t Pile It?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the paper in your life? Do you want to regain control of your office space and set up a system that allows you to successfully handle it all? In this two hour session, instructor, Kathy Jenkins, owner of Come to Order, will give you tips and immediate implementation tools to manage and efficiently store all of your paper!