Does your fridge look like a cluttered museum?

Does your fridge look like a cluttered museum?

“All children are artists.

The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

Pablo Picasso


Does your fridge look like a cluttered museum?  Have you had to invest in a magnet company to keep up with everything your child does?  Here are some questions about how to organize your child’s artwork and create a family archive, without making your family room a clutter dive:

I have so much of my son’s artwork hanging everywhere in my kitchen.  Why is it such an emotional thing to take them down?  EM

Well, artwork is a representation of self-expression and a hallmark to growth – especially during childhood.  Artwork represents everything we are trying to slow down.  When we, as parents, are attempting to snag every moment, it is difficult to let go of something as simple as a drawing or painting that pauses our child’s growth.  I’d say that is a pretty emotional reason.

What do I do with all of the artwork, crafts and projects that son and daughter bring home from school, church or things they make on rainy days?  RC

Since not every piece of art can stay on the wall or the fridge, having a system to store paper is a great way to allow yourself emotional attachment, yet avoid the daily noise it can create.  Keep a plastic bin for each child, which has hanging files.  Have your son and daughter help file their art by month.  When the file gets full, go back through the files and decided which pieces you still need to keep.  At the end of the year, you’ll have a manageable collection for a memory box.

Another option for displaying and rotating art work is the Lil DaVincic Boxes.  Whether you have one or a collection, the Lil DaVinici shadow box frame are easy to open and add new pictures, leaving the old pictures behind the new pictures.

My daughter loves to paint.  Is there a better way, than tape, to showcase her work in her room?  AR

That is a great question!  And I love that you are not keeping her art stuck on the fridge!  To keep her desk clutter-free and her walls absent of old tape or push pin holes, I have a simple solution:  hang a ribbon or string across one of her walls.  On the “clothesline”, she can use clothespins or decorative clips to hang her favorite pieces.  She can also easily change new paintings for older ones all by herself, just make sure it is at a height that is safe for her to reach the clips.

In the comment section below, share your ideas for how you treasure your kids art work! Your idea just might be what someone else needs to hear… and be sure to visit our blog for more advice and tips on parting with memories.

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