Valerie’s Kitchen:  A Before & After Story

Valerie’s Kitchen: A Before & After Story

We love before & after stories, so we thought we would share this store with you!


My Mom happened to notice all that was going on and shortly before my birthday she heard me talking about how I just wish I could have someone come in and organize the house.  So, she gave me a fabulous birthday gift…. she called a Professional Organizer!!

We did an evaluation and last Monday Kathy and a small team came in to get my kitchen organized.  Organizing my kitchen was no small task!

1.  Kathy is super friendly.  It’s really hard showing all my disorganization to a stranger, but she’s non-judgmental and very accepting.

2. Kathy and her team seem to be able to see things that I never could.  She came up with organization ideas in seconds, that made me say, “Why couldn’t I ever think of that?!”

3.  [This really was the most important], she kept me motivated.

I’m beyond pleased.  Life is already feeling a little better and I can’t wait for the next project to start!  I’ve already booked her to help with my laundry room, front foyer, and office and I can’t wait to see how the rest of our projects turn out!

Thanks for sharing, Valerie!

You can find Valerie’s full story at Journey of a Dog Trainer.

Notice: All photos are posted with Client’s consent!

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