Cleaning Up Your Computer with SingleHop

Cleaning Up Your Computer with SingleHop

With January coming to a close, so is Clean Up Your Computer Month!  Clean Up Your Computer Month is centered around decluttering and organizing the information living on your hard drive.  The team over at SingleHop, a technology company focused on cloud computing, has created a calendar to help you with that seemingly daunting feat!  It is as simple as 1-2-3:

1.  In the first week, the calendar helps you to organize your files.  It encourages you to choose an organization system that works for you and to stick with in for the three weeks.

2.  Prioritization is the theme heading into the second week.  Each day, you label files in different sections of your computer as “frequently used”, “archive”, or “delete.”

3.  The third week begins with a little bit of reach and consideration of how you are going to back up your hard drive.  Exploration of physical storage options, like an external hard drive, and cloud storage options, like a private cloud, begin the third week.  By the end of this week, all of your files marked “archive” and “delete” will no longer be taking up space on your hard drive!  This leaves more space for the files you use everyday.

Throughout the three weeks, you are guided by questions at the bottom and constantly encouraged to choose what works best for you.  With increasing focus placed on our digital lives, the importance of keeping ourselves organized on our digital devices increases as well.

The Clean Computer Calendar is a quick and easy way to simplify and create a sense of order to your computer!

Thanks, SingleHop!!

Kathy Jenkins is a nationally recognized certified organizer, speaker and writer.  She is the founder of Come To Order and is dedicated to helping her clients simplify their lives by reducing clutter, organizing their homes and offices, and managing their time. For more tips on organizing your schedule, life and home, follow Kathy on Twitter.

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