1-2-3-4-Clear the Bedroom Floor!

1-2-3-4-Clear the Bedroom Floor!

Do you start your day wishing you could crawl back under the covers because of the clutter you face the minute you open your eyes? And once out of bed, do you find that getting dressed is an adventure in finding clean clothes or socks that match?

I am always a little saddened when I see a client’s master bedroom that is just as cluttered as the kitchen counters or the home office. In the fast-paced, stressed-out life we live, there ought to be at least make your bedroom your sanctuary.

So, in 1-2-3-4, let’s clear the bedroom floor… and under the bed and in dresser drawers.

On her blog, Toni from A Bowl Full of Lemons wrote, “My motto for the master bedroom is ’less is more’.  Keep this in mind when cleaning & organizing this space.”

She suggests these steps for an organized master bedroom:

  1.  Find 5 laundry baskets/boxes and label them with a piece of paper… keep, trash, donate, clothes and another room
  2.  Concentrating on one spot at a time…under the bed, dresser drawers, night stands, dresser top and then all other spots in the room
  3. This is the perfect time to deep clean your bedroom, windows, door knobs, baseboards, vacuum, dust and wash linens
  4.  Now, it’s time to organize!  Use baskets and bins to place “like” items together, around the room.

Making your bedroom the haven it is supposed to be is a commitment.  But, set aside time now to work on these three areas of your bedroom and watch the stress melt away as you sink into your new sanctuary – your Master Bedroom.

For Toni’s full Master Bedroom Hack, visit A Bowl Full of Lemons.


Kathy Jenkins is the President of Come To Order, a Residential Professional Organizer, Student Organizer, Certified Family Manager Coach, Writer and Speaker based in Richmond, Virginia. She is a member of NAPO and ICD and is dedicated to helping her clients simplify their lives by reducing clutter, organizing their homes and offices, and managing their time. Kathy especially enjoys working with kids and their families to help them learn good organizational skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.  Follow Kathy on Facebook.

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