Come To Order for the Holidays

Here it comes again…that time of year. You know the time where you are supposed to feel happy & joyous, but somehow all you end up felling is overwhelmed and stressed. Before you spend another Holiday in a panic over what needs to be done, for whom and by when, sit down, take a deep breath and plan!

I find that if you take a moment to sit quietly with your family calendar opened to November and December, you are at a great starting point for planning a stress-less holiday. Begin by marking down all of the events you know you will be attending or planning – parties, galas, concerts, dinners, etc. Then work back from those dates an appropriate number of days and mark the dates for steps that need to be taken prior to the event.

For example – you are attending a formal party; mark you calendar with the following dates:

  • the event (make note of the time)
  • RSVP (check the invitation for this)
  • purchase of a hostess gift (good to shop at least 7 days ahead of time, 14 or more if you plan to buy online)
  • dress/shoes (best to shop at least 14 days ahead of time so that you can find just the right dress and not just end up with something, it also leaves time for alterations)

Another example – it is your turn to host the Thanksgiving meal for your family; mark your calendar with the following dates:

  • the event (make note of the time)
  • send invitations or make phone calls
  • plan the menu
  • grocery shopping
  • menu items being prepared ahead of time

This is an overview of the event schedule and you’re your calendar might look like.

December Holiday Planning Calendar

Next week, I will go into more detail on planning an event if you only have 7 days in which to pull it off. Mark your calendars now to check out our Blog or Face Book for the details…

Come To Order

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