Summer Reading: Desperate Households

Desperate HouseholdIn Desperate Households: How to Restore Order and Harmony to Your Life and Home, author Kathy Peel helps women navigate the seven areas of life that can cause feelings of desperation:

  • home and property
  • food
  • family and friends
  • finances
  • planning special events
  • time and scheduling
  • self-management (caring and nurturing the body, mind, and spirit)

With light-hearted humor and inspirational stories, Kathy prepares and encourages the reader to take steps that will make a huge difference in her family’s—and her own—quality of life. By using examples in her own life, Kathy offers spiritually based solutions to practical problems and shows how she discovered how God  empowers her at her points of desperation.

Kathy is founder and CEO of Family Manager. Her company trains, coaches, encourages, and equips women worldwide to build strong families and happy, organized homes.

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