Do your teenagers help around the house…. when you aren’t there?


If you have young children, it probably seems like the day will never come when they will be able to stay home by themselves, let alone establish a routine and follow house rules.  But, it will be here before you know it… they will become teenagers!

So, how do you involve your kids in establishing home-alone rules?  No more sweeping this under the rug!!  Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself, and your teenage children:

  • Under what circumstances can kids (left alone) be allowed to use the stove?
  • Are friends allowed to visit?  If so, do they need to ask permission first and how many can be in the house while you are absent?
  • Make a list of what chores should be completed while you are gone and post it… you may want to send a text to remind them!
  • What programs and how much TV is permissible?  It may be a good idea to tell your children to track TV time and report back to you what they watched.

Your kids will act more responsibly if they understand what is and is not acceptable and what is expected of them. Set those rules up early. Here are some ideas of age-appropriate chores:



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